Big Announcement!

I have been unable to blog these past few weeks because I have been super busy with work and training.

I want to announce my amazing sponsorship deal with District Hardware-The Bike Shop! I have already received a Quintana Roo triathlon bike, and Lazer helmet. The Zipp wheels will be coming soon.

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I am so honored and grateful for this opportunity! I have been training hard in the off season and I want to make them proud! This means so much to me!

For everyone that knows me, the helmet is obviously red!

My super awesome Quintana Roo bike. I can’t wait for my first tri!


30 Day Paleo Challenge!!

 I recently joined CrossFit DoneRight and just found out that they’re holding a 30 day Paleo challenge from March 6 to April 7! I love the idea of fully dedicating myself to something for 30 days. While I’ve been doing the Paleo diet problem-free during the work week, the weekends have proven to be a bit more challenging (I love my bagels and lox!).

To make things more interesting, my fiance Marc has agreed to do it with me! I will be blogging about my progress along the way and posting recipes that I find. Wish me luck! 🙂

Here are the rules:

What is NOT allowed:
-grains, sugars, processed foods
-dairy, soymilk
-peanuts/legumes/white potatoes 
-vegetable/soybean oils
What IS allowed:
-meats, fish, game, poultry, eggs
-coconut/almond products 
-coconut/olive oils



Finishing my first triathlon in May of 2012.

Hello all!! After dedicating a year to the sport of triathlon I am FULLY addicted! I decided to start a blog to share my adventures with the world. I will be posting about my training, racing, recipes, and other fun information along the way. Follow me on twitter for updates @trihardblog!