End of the Season Wrap Up

Last Sunday  I completed my 9th and final triathlon of the season! On my hour drive home, I reflected on this season, and it has been an awesome journey! I competed in 8 Olympic/International distance races, and ended the season with a sprint. I have raced all over parts of Maryland and Virginia. Being from this area my whole life, I discovered some pretty cool cities! I had a blast racing at Savageman and Maritime with the Super Athletes (Sandra, Alberto, Guillermo, and Annette).  I had so much fun racing with Sarah at Nations, where we exited the water at the exact same time, and yelled at people on the crowded bike course to move out of our way! I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the 2013 World Maccabiah Games in Israel!

I managed to podium overall in 4 races, win my age group in 4 races, and get 2nd in my age group in 1 race. I am SO pumped about my results! I worked incredibly hard this season and made some sacrifices. I woke up many mornings between 4:00-5:00 a.m. to train before work, teach an entire day and train again in the afternoon. It was never a chore, but it was fun and motivating to be training with goals in mind. The mornings I didn’t workout, I felt more sluggish than when I did! I know it is SOOO cliche to say, but hard work does pay off!!!

I had a blast training with new and old friends!  I am incredibly excited to see what next season will bring! I am extremely thankful for the sponsorship of District Hardware- The Bike Shop. They have provided me with a kick ass bike, helmet and have been so quick with my repairs and tune-ups.  You guys are the BEST!

Thanks to amazing coach Debi, your training has been really spot on, and your advice has been so valuable!  Your success in the sport of triathlon is really motivating to me!

Last but not least, a huge shout out to my fiance Marc! He has put up with my early morning alarms, my bike on the the trainer in the middle of our 1 bedroom apartment, and my equipment taking up most of our storage closet. No joke, my stuff is everywhere! I couldn’t have done it without your continuous support! Right now I’m taking 2 whole weeks off, and after week 1, I am pretty antsy to start training again, but I know my body just needs to rest. I can’t wait to train hard in the off season, and set new goals for myself in this awesome sport!

After Savageman!

After Savageman!

Team USA!

Team USA!


Training ride in the Golan Heights after my race!

My first ever win at the Waterman's Sprint!

My first ever win at the Waterman’s Sprint!

Awesome training ride in Israel! We rode on the shoulder of the highway!

Getting a tune up at District Hardware- The Bike Shop after Nations Tri and a week before Savageman

Getting a tune up at District Hardware- The Bike Shop after Nations Tri and a week before Savagemant!


Got a pretty wicked sun burn at Rockhall!


Finishing strong at Rev3 Williamsburg


Before Savageman! It was SO cold that morning!


Had a blast racing with Sarah! We were in the 31st swim wave!


Eating pie with Alysia 25 miles into our 75 mike farm ride!


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