2015 Summary

2015 was a crazy, fun, and exciting year between training, racing, and awesome life changes. Marc and I got a puppy in March and bought a house in June!

The year started with a couple of running races, Rock and Roll Half Marathon which ended up being pretty miserable because of the weather. It was cold and rainy, and I didn’t get the time I was hoping for. I still managed to have fun and make the best of it!

Next up was the Cherry Blossom 10 miler, which ended up being short of 10 miles because of an accident the morning of the race. At the end of April I raced Pikes Peek 10k, which is one of my favorite running races. It is local and downhill, which means fast times! I felt awesome during the race and managed to run a 41:15. It finished by my apartment and Marc was the end with our puppy Charlie!

Finish line at Pikes Peek 10k

post race with charlie

After Pikes Peek 10k with my puppy Charlie


I started my triathlon season with the Raleigh 70.3. Raleigh was a pretty cool city, and I had fun racing there! The run was surprisingly hot, but I managed to pull off my usual half marathon time for a 70,3, which was a 1:40.


Racing Raleigh 70.3 with a smile

finish line

Being silly at the expo with Sandra and Alberto



After Raleigh, Marc and I bought a house!! We moved at the end of June!



















In June and July I raced 2 local Olympic distance races, Diamond in the Rough and Fort Ritchie. It was amazing being able to sleep in my own bed, and wake up and drive to a race. I also forgot how much fun it is to race this distance, I had a blast!!!!  I ended up 4th in Diamond in the Rough, and 2nd at Fort Ritchie.

fort ritchie2

1st place at Fort Ritchie (2nd overall because of a girl in the Elite wave)


4th place at Diamond in the Rough





ft ritchie

Swimming, biking and running at Fort Ritchie! What a fun race!








Marc and I were being silly the night before Fort Ritchie!

Marc and I were being silly the night before Fort Ritchie!














My next road trip was to the Poconos Half in mid August. I really enjoyed the course! I earned a spot on the podium, and got 2nd place in my age group.











Pre-race swim practice!

Pre-race swim practice!







Racking our bikes before the race

Racking our bikes before the race

2nd place in my AG

2nd place in my AG











My last triathlon of the season was Beach to Battleship. After racing a bunch of hot and hilly races, I was excited to see what I could do on a flat course with cool fall weather. I road tripped down with Sandra and Alberto. We had fun exploring the downtown area. The night before the race we went to Walmart to get some gear for the morning that we could leave behind at the swim start. We ended up getting the really awesome orange hats pictured below. This was my favorite race all year! I managed a PR in each leg of the triathlon. I finally broke 5 hours which has been a goal for the past 2 seasons! I ended up with a 4:51, which was huge for me!!!!! I earned myself a spot on the podium, as second place female. It was the PERFECT way to end the 2015 triathlon season. It makes me hungry and excited for 2016!!



At the expo

At the expo










Racking our bikes!

Racking our bikes!

We had to make a trip to K-Mart to buy hats so we could stay warm before the race.










2nd place overall female!! Finally broke 5 hours :)

2nd place overall female!! Finally broke 5 hours 🙂










Being silly!

Being silly!

Post race! Last triathlon of the season!















My last running race was the Annapolis Half Marathon! It’s always a fun time racing with Sandra, Alberto and Annette! My pace was faster than last year, but the course measured 13.5 miles on my garmin. After talking to a ton of people, the course was actually a bit longer. My pace per mile was a 7:17 this year, compared to 7:23 last year. It may only be 6 seconds per mile faster, but it makes me happy! I took 2 weeks off from training, and was eager to get back into a routine.


Last running race of 2015!

Last running race of 2015!


I found out that I got accepted to be a Coeur Sports Ambassador! I am SOOO excited and honored to be a part of this amazing group of inspiring women! In 2016 I will be training for my first Ironman, Lake Placid!!! After 2 years of racing the 70.3 distance, I am ready to step it up and train for a full Ironman. It makes me nervous, but I know with consistent training and handwork this is a goal that I can and will achieve! 2016 is going to be an epic year!!

Ironman Lake Placid Logo






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