Little Lizmi: HALFWAY THERE!

I announced it on social media at the beginning of November, but in case you missed it, I’m pregnant!! I want to blog about my experiences because throughout my journey, I have been inspired by other triathletes’ pregnancy stories.


Our big announcement

I completed my first Ironman at Lake Placid on July 24th, and had the time of my life! My husband and I decided earlier in the year that we would start trying for a baby after the event. Given the stories I have heard from other women, I thought it would take a while. I even signed up for a few Fall races, assuming it would take months before the pregnancy tests would confirm the pregnancy: a half marathon and Olympic distance triathlon.

Fast forward to August 24th, exactly 1 month following Lake Placid, when I discovered that I was pregnant! I noticed in the week preceding the good news that my running was suffering. My pace was slow and heart rate was super high. I thought maybe I was still recovering from the Ironman. My husband’s birthday was the 25th of August, and what a perfect birthday gift!

I found about the pregnancy during my first week back at school. I slept 9-10 hours a night and woke up exhausted. I came home from work and sat on the couch. I was nauseous and my sense of smell was very heightened. Over the subsequent weekends, I took 2-3 naps per day. It was like I was in peak Ironman training, but I was sitting on the couch and my body was making a baby.


Weekends were no longer spent on long bike rides and runs, but hanging out on my couch my cute dog Charlie and listening to my body.

I managed to get on my bike trainer for 30-45 minutes and took my dogs on walks daily. I forced my self to wake up early and swim a few days a week, but the thought of running disgusted me. My motto remained the same over the first couple of weeks: “listen to your body,” and “you’re making a baby and it’s a lot of work.” I went from training multiple times a day for my Ironman to light biking and walks. What a change!


One of my many walks with Charlie and Marc

I have loved Googling and reading about my pregnancy, especially the development of the baby. I also read as much as I could about exercising, diet, crossfit, etc. I would spend hours on my iPad reading through articles and blogs.

I was gradually able to increase the days I was able to work out. I had to make up excuses to cancel on my friends for races and training. I said my ankle was still bothering me from the Ironman. I wasn’t ready to share my news until the 2nd trimester.

Somewhere around week 10 or 11, I began to feel so much better! I was able to return to Crossfit on a more regular basis and managed to do an hour of exercise every day. I also started running again, and that was humbling! I’ve been running at the local high school track, so that I could stop the moment I felt uncomfortable. The goal of my running completely changed. I don’t care AT ALL about my pace, and I try to keep my heart rate in the low 140,’s, which results in an 11 minute pace. I am just so happy to be running and doing what I love.


Running on the track in my favorite Coeur leggings

Since then I have been running once or twice a week for 4 miles. One of my friends was unable to run a 10k  during my 16th week, and I ran in her place. It was so fun to run a race with zero expectations. I smiled a lot and was so thankful to be out running through Annapolis. I had the opportunity to hang out with 2 of my Coeur Sports teammates. Plus the post race brunch was so much fun!


At the starting line at the Annapolis 10k

Showing my heart and courage in my amazing Coeur top!

Showing my heart and courage in my amazing Coeur top!

At the beginning of November, I found out that I had made the Coeur Sports Ambassador team. I had emailed them prior to making my announcement so that I was transparent and honest. They were SO incredibly supportive and excited for me! Thanks Coeur for your support!! Although I will be unable to race for part of the year, I hope to blog about my journey and answer any questions that other women may have. Please contact me if you have any questions!! I love this group of amazing and inspiring women, and hope to support everyone while I am not able to race. I am so grateful to be a part of this team; it means the world to me!



Over the past couple of weeks I have been working out everyday, and my symptoms are minimal. I am lowering the weights and intensity at crossfit and monitoring my heart rate. My bike power and heart rate have dropped to record lows, but I don’t even care! I am happy to just be exercising and doing what I love!

I am enjoying my time in the 2nd trimester, because soon my belly will grow larger, I will become more tired, and my exercising will be more limited. When this happens, I plan to do a TON of swimming! I am determined to exercise as long as its physically possible.

I am no longer training, but exercising.  I want to stay as fit and healthy as I can and have an easier recovery after I give birth, and be able to bounce back quicker. Time will fly and before I know it May will be here. I hope to return to training and racing as soon as my body is ready, but have no plans, because it will be important to listen to my body. My body will tell me when I am ready! Thanks for reading! Please e-mail me if you have any questions, I love talking about this topic! 20 weeks down and 20 to go! 🙂



Running with heart! 🙂



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