34 weeks!!

My last update was in mid-December when I hit the halfway point. Today, I’ve reached the 34 week mark! I wanted to provide some updates regarding my training and overall well being. I’m continuing to workout daily and stay active. It’s all about exercising at the moment, but I’m looking forward to getting back into training mode post-baby delivery.

We had our gender reveal party on December 24th… and it’s a boy! For some reason, a lot of our friends and family (especially Marc) were convinced that it would be a girl. I think I heard someone say that they had “lost the car” on the gender bet after the reveal.


We are having a boy!!

Swimming: I was continuing to swim at least 2 times per week until about 2 weeks ago. It’s been great spending my mornings at crossfit instead of going to the pool. Instead of swimming solo, I’ve preferred the company of others lately. Having said that, I plan on returning to the pool soon! My swim speed has slowed down. Lately, I’ve been using the pull buoy more for my sinking belly, and using the paddles to keep my strength. I was challenged at the end of December by the Coeur century swim challenge, as swimming 10,000 meters proved to be pretty tedious. I divided it up and completed it in 4 sessions before work and swam 4 days in a row.


Coeur century swim at the end of December. I did it!

I swam 3200 yards for my 32nd birthday. I also had an epic swim workout organized by my Coeur teammate. I swam 5,500 yards! It was fun because I was in a lane with encouraging females that kept me going. I took a ton of breaks and stayed hydrated. I was amazed at how great I felt! These challenges have helped me stay more motivated to get back to the pool. I’m hoping to swim until the very end, and get back to the pool within the next week.

group-swim img_20170205_120155 watch-swim

Biking: I’ve been biking 2-3 times per week on the trainer. As of a couple of days ago, it’s been harder to stay in aero position due to my growing bump, so I switch between aero and sitting up so that I can stay comfortable. My power and heart rate are pathetic, but I’m happy to be on my bike! I bike anywhere between 1 hour 15 to 1 hour 30 mins each time.


Running: I stopped running a while ago. Every time I’d go on a run my heart rate would instantly spike. It made me nervous because I’m trying to keep my heart rate under control. As the weather gets warmer, I plan on walking more with my dog.

Crossfit: I’m LOVING crossfit these days. I’m attending classes 5 times per week. I’ve been modifying when needed and swapping out certain exercises that I’m not comfortable with. No more toes to bar, sit-ups, and I stopped somewhere around week 26 with burpees.  I’ve been subbing in air squats, lunges and ring rows. I also stopped doing snatches and overhead squats.

I’m keeping my workouts at a lower intensity, and taking breaks when needed. Everyone at the gym has been so supportive! About 4-6 weeks ago I hit a PR for my clean by 20 lbs!! I’ve been participating in the crossfit open, and modifying  the movements as needed.

People have asked me about crossfit and restrictions. I’ve read a zillion blogs about peoples’ experiences and how they made modifications. I’ve been sticking with my motto of just listening to my body, and  I plan on crossfitting for as long as it’s comfortable. A month ago I did a crossfit photo shoot with my closest friend Sara. It was a blast!

muscles week 33

Weekly photo shoot! One of many!

muscles marc

Marc decided to jump in on the fun!



The 5:30 AM crossfit crew after 17.1



PR on my clean!


Coeur: I am SO honored to be an ambassador for the 2017 season, and it means a lot to me. I love everything that this company stands for. I hope that I inspire other women to keep up with their fitness when pregnant. I recently received my team kit, and it’s gorgeous! The opportunity to race in this kit is going to be the best motivation to train and race postpartum! I hope to do some short running races and maybe a sprint or olympic distance triathlon in the fall.


Cravings: People ask me what I crave these days. I’m loving anything spicy!! I add cayenne pepper and hot sauce to my lunches and dinners. I’m continuing to eat healthy, and my meals haven’t changed much. I don’t see pregnancy as an excuse to eat horribly, but instead take the opportunity to nourish my baby with healthy foods. Within the last week or so, I’ve had to eat many small meals a day because my stomach is being compressed by the baby.

Less time dedicated to triathlon training means more time for other things. I’ve been cooking a lot more and experimenting with new recipes. I’ve also spent more time relaxing, which didn’t really exist in my vocabulary before pregnancy.

I’m itching to get back into training for real and racing, but will remain patient and make sure I recover properly. I’ve been equating my pregnancy to a triathlon, but unlike a race, the finish line is unknown. I’ve read that only 5% of people give birth on their due date. The finish line could be anywhere from 4-7 weeks!