Last race of the season and my first win!

My first ever win at the Waterman's Sprint!

My first ever win at the Waterman’s Sprint!

On Sunday I raced my 9th and final triathlon of the season! I hadn’t done sprint all year and thought it would be a fun way to end the season! Although I was training,  I waited until the week before the race to sign up because I was monitoring the weather. When I registered on Wednesday, the forecast for Sunday was perfect! It changed by the next day, and it looked like it was going to be a rainy race!

I woke up at 6:30, but waited until right before I left to have my pre-race breakfast of apple sauce and protein powder! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it! When I stepped outside it was raining pretty hard, I kept telling myself that it would stop and that I was traveling about 55 miles away, hopefully the weather would be different in Indian Head.

I arrived nice and early and had more than enough time to set up my transition area, and chat with others racked near me.  I wrapped my biking and running shoes in trash bags, put on my wetsuit and headed down to the water. It was raining,  I was SO cold that my lips were purple. I went to the ladies room and warmed my hands up under the hand drier for about 10 minutes.

The rain stopped about 5 minutes before the race started. As the race director was describing the course, one of the turn buoys got unhooked and was blowing away! I was in the second wave, at 10:04, and jumped in the water right after the first wave went off.The race director announced in the morning that the water was 68 degrees, but it felt SO much colder than that! Right before the swim, I was treading water talking to my friend Jenna, and she said “you are going to win this race.” I said “nahh, I’ve never won a race before.”

The gun went off, and before I knew it I was at the first buoy. The swim was pretty awful! It was choppy, cold and there was a pretty decent current. It went by so quickly because I am used to racing 1500 meters. My swim time was one of the worst, but considering the conditions, I am fine with it! My swim times have been inconsistent this season, and my faster times have been when I am not wearing a wetsuit… strange! I thought they were supposed to make you faster!

Swim time: 15:06

The run to the transition area was longer than most races. I quickly threw on my shoes and helmet, and I was off! I passed a few women at the beginning of the bike. It was 16 miles, and I worked hard and pushed it the entire time.  There were some hills, but for every hill you climb, you have to come back down! I had to be more cautious on the down hills  because there was a lot of debris on the roads from the 5 days worth of nasty weather.  One of my biggest fears in this sport is falling on the bike and breaking a bone or getting a concussion. As I was biking into transition there was another girl right next to me.  As we came into the transition area it was announced that we were the 2nd and 3rd females.

Bike time: 49:28 (19.4 mph) I’m happy.. it was a hilly course! 🙂

She ended up beating me out of transition! Within the first 1/2 mile I caught that girl! I was really happy! I felt awesome on the run! All of my brick workouts have made me stronger runner this season. About a half mile later I caught the next girl.  I was screaming with excitement on the inside! Although I was in the lead, there were other swim waves that started after mine, so it was a race against the clock. I have been beaten out before by women in later swim waves.

I felt really smooth and strong on the run. It was 2 loops and there was an evil hill I had to run up twice. Before the race I thought it would be pretty awesome if I could break 20 mins. I kept my focus and was passing men, some who cheered me on, and others were probably pissed they were getting chicked. I love passing men on the bike and run, some will try to speed up and catch me, and then I will really turn it up and notch and drop them. Not always, but its pretty sweet when I do!

The run went by SO quickly, because I am so used to the 10k distance.  I had to run over a wooden bridge at the end, and it was really slippery so I had to be carefully. I wasn’t completely dead at the end, which means I probably could have gone even faster, but ohhh well! I was the first female to cross the finish line! I knew I would have to be patient and wait for the results to be posted, because there were women in other swim waves.

Run time: 21:03

Overall time: 1:29:44

I made some friends near the picnic area because we finished the race around the same time. They were serving BBQ ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, which really grossed me out after a race! Setup events had a tv screen with the results scrolling. I anxiously waited, and saw that I actually won the race!!! It was my first win!!!!! I was beyond excited to end my season on such a positive note! I called Marc and my parents right away to tell them the good news!

THANK YOU District Hardware- The Bike Shop for your continuous support this season!! I am so thankful for your sponsorship, its been so much fun riding on my Quintana Roo bike, and racing with my Lazer helmet!

I’m now taking a 2 week break from training, and will probably go crazy in another few days! Since I have more time on my hands, look out for another post soon summarizing my season. I am going to spend the next 2 weeks relaxing, meeting up with as many friends as possible and filling my calendar with fun activities! If you know me well, I can’t sit still!  I will also enjoy a glass or two of wine, knowing that I don’t have to train the next day with a headache!


TONS OF UPDATES!! Part 1: Monticelloman


First triathlon of the season!

monticelloman 2

1st in my AG and 4th Overall! I guess the 2nd place girl went home!

It has been a great season so far! I have managed to compete in 4 triathlons,  and have my 5th one on Saturday. I have been awful at keeping up with this blog, but now that I am on summer break from teaching, I have more time and tons to say! Here is the first update, ENJOY!

I started my season with the Monticelloman International Triathlon on May 5th. It was a great race to start the season.

Marc and I drove down to Charlottesville, and of course there was traffic! We had a great ride and it became more scenic the closer we got to the race site. I picked up my packet, dipped my toes in the 65 degree water, and walked around the grounds to get an idea of the setup.

We stayed at a Budget Inn in a great location. We couldn’t figure out why it was so cheap, until we heard a loud noise. We looked outside and there was a CSX training right next to the hotel!! We had a good laugh!
I set my clothes out, filled up my bottles, passed out and got about 9 hours of sleep. As I was falling asleep I thought about the different transitions and how I would be feeling during the race.
I woke up at about 6:00, and went to the refrigerator to find out the water bottle that I am supposed to drink in the morning with poweraide  is frozen SOLID, as well as my apple sauce! I had a moment of panic, but Marc suggested putting it in the sink and turning the water on as hot as possible. This worked! 🙂
I got to the race site, and thought my number was 148. I set up all my stuff in the transition area. I went to put the race number on my bike, and saw that I was actually 448. No problem, just moved all of my things to a new rack. 🙂
I stood on the beach and had some nice pre-race conversations with some very nice strangers! I dunked in the water quickly before the race. The air temperature was about 48 degrees and the water was 65. It was a beach start, and when the director gave us a two minute warning my heart started racing. I was definitely nervous!
I ran right into the water, and started out nice and easy. I had to settle my nerves and remind myself to not start out too fast. I reminded myself how hard and I trained, that I didn’t miss any training sessions, and wake up anywhere from 4:15-5:15 most days of the week to workout.  Before I knew it, I was already going around the first big yellow buoy. There was maybe one other buoy to site until the next big yellow one. I stayed calm, and reminded myself about my positioning and form. After going around the second buoy, there were no others, I just had to get back to the beach. In the last third of the race, I picked it up and was able to pass people in my age group, as well as some men from earlier waves.
SWIM TIME: 29:35 (Pretty crappy time)
As I was running up the beach and into the transition area, I couldn’t even feel my feet! I had a good transition and was off on my bike. It was only my fourth ride outside since October, and I have a new awesome bike  and a sweet Lazer Helmet! (thanks to District Hardware and the Bike Shop.
T1 TIME: 2:22
My goal for the rest of the race was to not let a single woman pass me on the bike and the run!
I felt awesome on the bike, there were many rolling hills, but I felt prepared! I even hit 38 mph on a downhill. I passed a bunch of men in earlier age groups, this is probably one of my favorite things to do, because I can tell so many men get pissed! They got chicked! My odometer was on the wrong mode, and I didn’t want to mess with it and crash, so I just estimated how much I had left based on the time. I drank a few sips every 10 minutes, and halfway through had a double shot gel!
Before I knew it, I was turning back onto Lake Monticello, and knew I had only 3 miles left. I passed a few more men! I had to dismount at the beginning of the transition area, and run the entire length of the transition area to get in. I thought I was going to fall, I should have taken my bike shoes off!
Bike Time: 1:10:32 (hilly course)
I transitioned as fast as I could, however my fingers were not working and I felt like a 3 year old trying to tie my shoes. I have lock laces, but was superstitious about switching them out a few days before the race. I will DEFINITELY use them next time!
T2: 2:03
I reminded myself to start slow on the run, and I couldn’t feel my feet until about 2 miles in. I caught up to some more men, and kept going. I really wanted to get negative splits for the run. The hills were rolling, but by doing the Leland route this with the Super Athletes this winter, I was prepared!
I kept singing the Pitbull song ” Tu Cuerpo,” because I love biking  hard intervals to it, and it pumps me up! At about mile 4 I caught a girl! I turned on the gas, and pushed it as hard as I could for the last 2.2 miles. I was getting comments the whole run on my yellow sunglasses! They are my good luck charm!
I sprinted as fast I could through the finish line! I DID IT!! I did the 10k portion in 42:46 (6:57 pace), which is better than 10k road races I ran last season!
RUN: 42:46 (6:57 pace)
 I finished my 3rd Olympic triathlon and 8th triathlon and felt AMAZING!  I am excited for what the season has to bring!!
A HUGE shout out and thanks to Marc Lizmi, for being such a supportive fiance and battling out traffic both there and back! Another HUGE shout out to District Hardware and the Bike Shop, I couldn’t have done it without you guys! I love my Quintana Roo bike and Lazer helmet! Lastly, HUGE shout out to the Super Athletes (Sandra, Alberto, Annette and Guillermo), you guys continue to motivate and inspire me daily, and I couldn’t as for a better group of people to train with!!

Big Announcement!

I have been unable to blog these past few weeks because I have been super busy with work and training.

I want to announce my amazing sponsorship deal with District Hardware-The Bike Shop! I have already received a Quintana Roo triathlon bike, and Lazer helmet. The Zipp wheels will be coming soon.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

I am so honored and grateful for this opportunity! I have been training hard in the off season and I want to make them proud! This means so much to me!

For everyone that knows me, the helmet is obviously red!

My super awesome Quintana Roo bike. I can’t wait for my first tri!